- Automatic transfers to the available source to ensure continuity of supply to critical loads such as sprinklers, firefighting/evacuation, lifts,water pumps, etc.
- Assures continuity of service during preventative maintenance and testing.
- Full isolation of the Automatic Transfer Switch ensures that maintenance work can be carried out safely without interruption to the load.
- Source availability, ATS position & status, and source measurements are displayed on the door-mounted D20 interface. Access to configuration parameters, test and control functions (password protected) is also available via the D20. 
- ATS Bypass are required for compliance with installation standards BS 9999:2017 and BS 8519:2020, where occupation of the building is conditional upon the availability of the life safety and fire-fighting equipment.

Transfer Switch Selector
Discover the switching solution to optimize your installation
The online configurator that will help you find the best switching equipment for your installations from 16A to 6300A.


No-break bypass solution prevents interruption to the load when switching to bypass.

Guaranteed continuity of the power supply during maintenance and test operations.

IEC 61439-2 type tested solution

ATyS Bypass is a solution certified by a manufacturer and a third party in accordance with IEC 61439.

Continuity of service for critical and life safety applications

Tinned bars, extension box, load monitoring system and other mimic panels can be factory-mounted at the customer's request.


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