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The increasing demand for high quality energy – supplying Data Centres and other critical infrastructure – makes the UPS one of the most vital elements of your electrical architecture.

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When the UPS’ operating parameters fall outside the permitted range, the service will automatically identify the anomaly and notify the nearest Socomec Service Centre to carry out proactive troubleshooting.

* after subscribing to a maintenance contract

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Restore your systems in record time

With this smart approach, thanks to the SoLink service, we can identify and carry out a range of remote fixes - without being physically in front of the equipment. If, however, an on-site intervention is necessary, a Socomec engineer can be deployed immediately along with the pre-diagnostic brief and any spare parts that might be required.

Thanks to this approach, we are able to reduce the risk of downtime significantly; saving time as well as human and financial resources - every step of the way.

Improve future performance



Preventive action

By analysing the continuous stream of data, preventive actions can be prescribed by Socomec experts in order to anticipate the occurrence of anomalies.  



Periodic reporting

Socomec experts will provide a periodic UPS health-check report with recommendations to improve overall system availability:

• Event statistics,

• Trend analysis,

• Technical recommendations.



The IoT cloud-connectivity allows you to access an intuitive, interactive dashboard that provides a view of the equipment’s historical data and performance trends.

• Visualise the data history for the main operating parameters,

• Select your period (hour/day/week/month/year),

• Choose the sampling frequency of the measurement.

SoLive UPS

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Live UPS data always in hand

SoLive UPS is a free app which enables you to monitor your UPS in real-time, by smartphone.


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