Data centre backup during maintenance

Ultimate redundancy is mandatory to keep all IT equipment operating with the same availability and service level even during maintenance.

In order to improve reliability of busbar power feeds to IT racks equipped with in-rack battery backup support (BBU), it is possible to add a maintenance busbar fitted with tap-offs. Those tap offs in turn each feed into the IT racks through a manual or remotely operated transfer switch certified to IEC 60947-6-1, GB/T 14048.11 or UL 1008.

This ultimate redundancy allows to carry out maintenance on the main busbar whilst ensuring that 100% redundant power is always available by simply switching to the maintenance busbar supply remotely or manually.

Simple redundancy is possible with robust manually operated transfer switching equipment (MTSE) to guarantee availability with a handle operator.

Flexibility can be increased with a remotely operated transfer provided with motorized RTSE that also include manual operation.

Safety, reliability and performance of TSE is guaranteed with certified transfer switches installed as close to the load as possible.

Secure the tap-off maintenance operation

Data centre designs that provide redundant power at all times are better equipped to avoid costly periods of downtime due to failures and garantee peace of mind during scheduled maintenance.



Guarantee backup power availability during maintenance with MTSE / RTSE installed close to the load.

Configuration without maintenance busbar
schem_063_a1-Promesse 20
Configuration with maintenance busbar
Configuration with maintenance busbar and MTSE / RTSE
schem_063_a3-Promesse 20
Open transition transfer switching equipment operated manually – MTSE

MTSE guarantees manually operated transfer switching between two sources with three stable positions (I-0-II).

Manually Operated (MTSE)
schem_064_a1_Promesse 20
Open transition transfer switching equipment operated remotely - RTSE

Increased flexibility with remotely operated TSE that provide a motorised transfer as well as ultimate emergency manual operation.

Position I : Connection to source 1
schem_064_a2_Promesse 20
Position 0 : No connection
schem_064_a3_Promesse 20
Position II : Connection to source 2
schem_064_a4_Promesse 20

Socomec solution

SIRCOVER manually operated and Atys remotely operated transfer switching equipment

Socomec provide both manually and remotely operated transfer switching solutions that are ideal for maintenance backup in data centre applications. The SIRCOVER and ATyS r range of TSE are one of the widest and most robust transfer switches available on the market with IEC / GB ratings from 125A to 3200A and UL ratings from 100 to 1200A. All Socomec SIRCOVER and ATyS transfer switches are available as an enclosed wall mounted solution as well as a loose product for installation in the enclosure or distribution panel of your choice.