Individual services, for everyday problems

We offer a wide range of services to adapt to your needs and budget:

  • Insulation fault location
  • Checking the coherence of your monitoring chain – metrology
  • Sizing your power factor correction system
  • Preventive maintenance of UPS with Battery Care – determining the health status of the systems
  • Inspection visits
  • Troubleshooting
  • Replacing consumables
How does it work?
One-off services

Depending on your operational needs, Socomec offers a wide choice of services that draw on our advanced expertise.

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You can add any of these options to your service or support contracts.


SoLink provides a permanent and direct link between the UPS and the Socomec team of technical experts. In the event of an anomaly in your UPS, the system automatically reports it to the nearest Socomec Technical Centre. A specialist Socomec engineer then performs a proactive diagnostic check, remotely accesses the settings control panel and takes appropriate corrective action.


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