Strong Points


SIRCOVER ATS Bypass switches are manual 12 + 4 pole transfer switches with positive break indication. They are designed to isolate ATS type electrical equipment (automatic transfer switch) or UPS, with minimum interruption to the load supply. Integrating a SOCOMEC transfer switch into the installation enables source selection when in Bypass.

Conformity to standards

IEC 60947-3


Stable positions

SIRCOVER ATS Bypass switches have 3 stable positions which are not affected by voltage fluctuations or vibrations.

On-load switching

Thanks to its AC-22 characteristics, tested in accordance with standard IEC 60947-3, the SIRCOVER ATS Bypass enables on-load switching.

Secured breaking

Simultaneous upstream and downstream isolation with positive break indication.

A complete solution

The SIRCOVER ATS Bypass is a single product offering a genuine solution incorporating both an equipment isolation function and a switching function.

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