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The RESYS M40R differential relay is combined with a cut-off device equipped with a motorised control (automatic cut-off and restoration of power), ensuring the functions of:
- Protect against indirect contact
- Limiting earth leakage currents.
- Re-engaging the cut-off device after detecting earth leakages and power outages.
The relay re-engages the system up to six consecutive times after different time intervals. If the fault is still present after the sequence of six re-engage attempts, the relay enters an alarm state and manual intervention is required.


Reference Type Control voltage Tripping threshold Time setting Select
49413724 RESYS M40R 115/230 VAC 30 mA .. 30 A 0..10 s
49413741 RESYS M40R 400 VAC 30 mA .. 30 A 0..10 s


Automatic reclosing

This function provides protection, particularly in isolated sites or for processes requiring a restart in the event of transient faults (continuity of service ensured in the absence of a maintenance team).

Fully configurable

- Adjustment of IΔn from 0.03 to 30 A.
- Time delay 0 to 10 s.

Ensures continuity of the power supply for strategic applications or in isolated sites

In the majority of cases, where the fault is not permanent, simply reclosing may resolve the situation.

Trigger accuracy by way of TRMS monitoring

Improves immunity to untimely triggers.

Real-time display of continuous leakage currents

LED bargraph shows the fluctuations of leakage currents in realtime.

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