Socomec, a global leader in Low Voltage power management solutions, is delighted to announce the grand opening of its newly renovated office in China.

The revamped office space, located in the heart of Shanghai, showcases Socomec's unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional workplace for its employees while prioritizing sustainability and fostering collaboration.

Spanning an expansive area of 1,400 square meters, the new regional headquarters has undergone a remarkable transformation into a modern and innovative workspace. Meticulously designed to ignite creativity and promote collaboration, the office exemplifies Socomec's commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The newly inaugurated office embraces the concept of flexible working, emphasizing an open and integrated corporate culture that encourages communication across departments and enhances work efficiency. With non-fixed office spaces as the norm, employees are empowered to work with an open mind, driving innovation and fostering a family-like atmosphere.

In line with Socomec's sustainable practices, the office incorporates environmentally friendly elements such as maximizing natural light and utilizing eco-conscious materials. The company firmly believes in protecting the environment while delivering excellent service to its valued customers.

The grand opening ceremony witnessed the presence of esteemed guests, including Pierre Moussy, Head of the Shanghai branch of the Beijing Regional Economic Service Consulate General of France in Shanghai, and Pascal Chen, Director of CCI France Chine - East & Central China.


Speaking at the inauguration Michel Krumenacker, CEO of Socomec Group, said, "China is a strategic region for Socomec and an integral part of our growth story. Our state-of-the-art workplace demonstrates our commitment to this market, reflecting our expertise in critical power applications. The remarkable infrastructure and facilities of the new office will enable us to meet the needs of our clients while providing our employees with a best-in-class working environment."

O'Niel Dissanayake, APAC CEO of Socomec Group, affirmed, "The renovation of our China office showcases our commitment to our employees and our drive to create a thriving workplace. By investing in their well-being and providing them with the necessary tools and environment for success, we contribute to the overall success of our organization."

Andy Luo, China Regional Managing Director, expressed his excitement about the new Customer Experience and Response Center, which will serve as a platform to showcase Socomec's products and services. The center's immersive and interactive experience will deepen customer engagement and inspire continuous innovation to deliver greater value. The grand opening of Socomec's Shanghai office exemplifies the company's dedication to innovation, collaboration, and excellence. With a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm, employees and guests left the event inspired, eagerly anticipating the bright future ahead.


About Socomec in China

Socomec group expanded its operations in the Chinese market in 1922. In order to better serve the clients, the group has decided to open a Shanghai office, headquarters for China in 2005, offering wider range of LV power management solutions including Power Switching, Power Monitoring and Power Conversion. Currently, it has two factories in China, one wholly owned factory in Shanghai and one joint venture factory in Zhejiang. Development Competence Center was set up in 2022 to enhance the research and development ability With the past 30 years, Socomec China achieved a rapid growth of total sales each year, especially good references in infrastructure, building and hospital and so on.