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TF flexible current sensors measure the load currents of an electrical circuit and send the data to meters and Power Monitoring Devices or current modules via an RJ12 plug-and-play connection. Thanks to a wide measurement range, TF current sensors cover a wide current range from 100 to 6000 A, with only 7 references. TF flexible current sensors can be used with DIRIS Digiware I modules, DIRIS A-40 and DIRIS B.

Conformity to standards

IEC 61557-12
ISO 14025
- UL


TF sensors is available in X versions

Item Model Opening Rated current Secondary rated current Select
48290573 TF 40 400 RJ12
48290576 TF 200 600 RJ12
48290574 TF 80 600 RJ12
48290575 TF 120 2000 RJ12
48290577 TF 300 6000 RJ12
48290578 TF 600 6000 RJ12


Plug & Play

- A rapid RJ12 connection makes wiring easy and reliable and prevents wiring errors. This also allows automatic detection of the sensor type and rating/transformation ratio.
- The sensors can be installed in both directions.

Accuracy as per standard IEC 61557-12

- Class 0.5 for the global monitoring chain (monitoring hub + TF current sensors) from 2% to 120% of the nominal current In.
- Accuracy is guaranteed regardless of the position of the conductor in the loop.

Safe locking mechanism

The locking system prevents the loop from opening, guaranteeing continuous functioning and accuracy even under harsh conditions.


The TF flexible sensor range is specially designed for existing installations restricted by strict integration constraints or with high-intensity currents.

Simplified installation

- The TF sensor electronics are integrated into the RJ12 cable itself for a quick and compact setup (no DIN rail assembly required) inside electrical panels.
- The integrator is self supplied by the PMD through the RJ12 cable and does not need an external power supply.

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