Strong Points


Current transformers deliver to the secondary a standard current proportional to the primary current and adapted to the rating of the associated device.They are equipped as standard with removable terminal covers and double terminals allowing the secondary to be short-circuited without any risk.
They are mounted using two screw-on metal brackets or, in certain cases, by a clip-on DINrail fastener. The connections are made by screws or by fast-on terminals.

Conformity to standards

IEC 61439-1


Compatible accuracy class

To get the best out of your DIRIS multifunction meters and COUNTIS energy meters, we can provide current transformers with the following accuracy classes: 0.2s; 0.5 ; 1 or 3.

Wide range of ratings and dimensions

Improve your monitoring process whatever your needs in terms of ratings, space requirements, conductor sizing or accuracy class. A wide range of combinations are available in our standard range with specific versions available on request.

Quick and easy to install

Our current transformers are suitable for any type of mounting: edgewise or flat mounting, DIN-rail or back-plate mounting. Implementation is quick and easy.

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