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SURGYS RS-3 surge arresters are designed for transient surge protection of equipment connected to telecommunications and data transmission networks
These surge arresters must be installed on a symmetrical DIN rail and are available for most transmission lines: line voltage 48 V, throughput up to 10 Mbit/s. These products consist of 1 or 2 pairs with a detachable module for easy maintenance.

Conformity to standards

NF EN 61643-21, IEC 61643-21


Item Number of poles Protection type Network type Rated voltage Select
49873420 1 Low voltage Industrial buses 53 V
49873421 2 Low voltage Industrial buses 53 V


1-pair or 2-pair version ("x2" model)

Ultra-compact design if multi-pair protection is needed.

Plug-in modules.

Quick maintenance on end-of-life modules.

End of life signal

Line interruptions trigger an alert.

Direct earthing

Earth bonding is made using a DIN rail fixing clip.

Common/differential protection modes.

Differential mode offers more efficient protection.


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