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RM PV are unipolar modular fuse disconnectors for gPV cylindrical fuses.
They provide safety disconnection and protection against overcurrents caused by the reverse current in DC electrical PV circuits.
RM PVs are fuse disconnect switches with or without light signalling for fuses without strikers.

Conformity to standards

UL 4248-18


Item Rated current Number of poles Fuse size Size Fuse melting indicator Select
57PV0001 32 1 10x38 RM32 no
56PV1401 50 1 14x51 RM/RMS 50 No


Improved safety

- Rated voltage 1000 VDC.
- Self-extinguishing thermoplastic material.
- IP2X fuse.

Product dedicated to PV UL and IEC applications

Protection against reverse currents by using gPV fuses designed for photovoltaic applications.

Features and options

- Modular 45-mm cut-out.
- Locks with optional accessory.

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