Strong Points


OFYS RT is a single-phase UPS range designed to protect professional IT infrastructures, ensuring cost competitive solutions.

Conformity to standards

IEC 62040-1, IEC 62040-2, IEC 62040-3

Trustworthy power

Reliable and cost effective protection to assure operational continuity


Fast and easy installation

- No configuration needed on first startup.
- Compact footprint (2U/89 mm) for installation in rack cabinets.
- Space saving and flexible “tower-to-rack” conversion mode.
- Easy connections to the applications via IEC 320 sockets or terminals.

Easy to use

- Clear and uncluttered LCD interface with buzzers that immediately indicates the operating status of the UPS, even for less specialist users.
- The communication package provides connection via USB, with optional drycontact card and SNMP interfaces.

Reliable power protection

- Double conversion technology guarantees voltage and frequency stability whatever the mains condition.
- Wide tolerance of the input voltage limits the number of switchovers to battery mode, prolonging the battery life.
- In the event of a power failure, the service continuity is guaranteed by the inverter powered by rechargeable batteries.
- The automatic bypass takes over immediately in the event of overloads or faults, ensuring continuous power supply to the loads.


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Technical data

Model U1000 U2000 U3000 U6000
Sn 1000 VA 2000 VA 3000 VA 6000 VA
Pn 900 W 1800 W 2700 W 6000 W
Input/output 1/1
Architecture on-line double conversion VFI with input PFC and automatic bypass


Model U1000 U2000 U3000 U6000
Rated voltage 208/220/230/240 V
Voltage tolerance 180÷280 VAC (100% load);
120÷300 VAC (50% load)
176÷300 VAC ± 3% (100% load);
110÷300 VAC ± 3% (50% load)
Frequency 50/60 Hz with automatic selection
Mains connection IEC 320 (10 A) IEC 320 (16 A) terminals


Model U1000 U2000 U3000 U6000
Rated voltage 208/220/230/240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 8 % (± 0.1% in battery mode)
Overload capability <105% continuously; <130% for 30 sec; <150% for 3 sec; >150% immediate off <110% for 10min; <130% for 1 min; >130% for 1 sec
Connections 6 x IEC 320 (10 A) 6 x IEC 320 (10 A)
1 x IEC 320 (16 A)


Model U1000 U2000 U3000 U6000
Interfaces RS232 - USB
Local communication software Local View


Model U1000 U2000 U3000 U6000
Operating ambient temperature from 0 °C to +40 °C (from 15 °C to 25 °C for optimal battery life)
Storage temperature from -15 °C to +50 °C (from 15 °C to 25 °C for optimal battery life)
Relative humidity 20-90% non-condensing 0 - 95% non-condensing
Noise level < 50 dB < 55 dB


UPS Cabinet
Model U1000 U2000 U3000 U6000
Dimensions W x D x H 438 x 310 x 89 mm 438 x 410 x 89 mm 438 x 630 x 89 mm 438 x 600 x 89 mm
Weight 10.8 kg 18.2 kg 29.3 kg 17 kg


EBM - External Battery Module
Model U1000 U2000 U3000 U6000
Module - OFYS-RT-B192V2U (1) OFYS-RT-B240V3U
Dimensions W x D x H - 438 x 688 x 89 mm 438 x 600 x 133 mm
Weight - 48 kg 63 kg


Model U1000 U2000 U3000 U6000
Safety EN 62040-1
EMC EN 62040-2
Performance EN 62040-3
Product certification CE; RCM (E2376)

(1) @80% of rated load.


System or product options

- Rail kit.
- Hot-swap manual bypass (MBP-1U-IEC).


Software features

- 1 slot for communication options.
- LOCAL VIEW software for local UPS monitoring and shutdown for Windows, Linux and MAC Osx.
- LCD interface for UPS monitoring.

Communication options

- Relay board card for UPS remote diagnostic.
- WEB/SNMP interface for UPS monitoring and management.


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