Strong Points


FUSOMAT fuse-combination switches are manually operated 3 or 4-pole load break switches with visible breaking and a remote tripping function.
They provide load operation, safety disconnection and protection against overloads and short-circuits in any low voltage electrical circuit. They can ensure the automatic opening of the circuit together with:
- Fuse blown detection system (see DDMM or FMD)
- Thermal relay
- Differential relay (see RESYS)
- other safety devices



Overload tripping

Opens remotely with voltage release device.

High breaking capacity

Protection against overloads and short-circuits with high breaking capacity fuses (100 kA rms).

Improved safety

- Double breaking per phase (top/bottom of fuse) on FUSOMAT up to 630 A.
- Visible breaking up to 630 A.
- Positive break indication.
- IP2X protection on front panel with terminal shrouds.

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