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FUSOMAT fuse-combination switches are manually operated 3 or 4-pole load break switches with visible breaking and a remote tripping function.
They provide load operation, safety disconnection and protection against overloads and short-circuits in any low voltage electrical circuit. They can ensure the automatic opening of the circuit together with:
- fuse blown detection system (see DDMM or FMD),
- thermal relay,
- differential relay (see RESYS),
- other safety devices.

Conformity to standards

IEC 60947-3


Automatic tripping

FUSOMAT is the only fuse combination switch that allows automatic remote opening by means of a coil associated with an external device.

Optimum safety

Double phase breaking (upstream and downstream from the fuse) and fully visible isolation keep people and equipment protected from overcurrent.

High breaking capacity

High breaking capacity fuses (100  kA rms) provide protection from overloads and short circuits.


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