ATyS p M are single-phase or three-phase modular automatic transfer switches with positive break indication. They are intended for use in low voltage power supply systems where a brief interruption of the load supply is acceptable during transfer.
ATYS p M provide open transition switching (I-0-II), on-load transfer between two sources for any low voltage power circuit, as well as safety isolation with double breaking per pole.
They have a fully programmable integrated an integrated ATS controller, allowing automatic transfer between two sources in main/genset or mains/mains applications.
For more safety, a tripping function is available, allowing going to 0 position without external power supply in case of 2 sources blackoutand a permanent status monitoring as well as communication feature.

Conformity to standards

IEC 60947-6-1
IEC 60947-3
GB/T 14048.11

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Flexible programming

ATyS p M time delays and inputs/outputs are completely configurable, hence enabling the easy monitoring of specific applications (load shedding, test…) and the definition of an operating cycle specifically adapted to your application.

Trip function

ATyS p M features a function for returning to the 0 position in case of the loss of both power supply sources (tripping). This protects the load from issues due to source instability.

Remote control interface

Specifically designed for installations where the product is enclosed, the remote interface displays product status on the front panel (D10) or displays and controls with access to programming (D20).


ATyS p M have both electrical and mechanical interlocks for optimum security. They also feature a positive break indicator, confirming switch position with dual mechanical indicators for increased safety.

High-speed transfer

ATyS p M devices devices are based on a coil solution with rotating contacts, therefore ensuring an extremely short black-out duration (< 90ms).

Superior electrical performance

ATyS p M devices are compliant with IEC 60947-6-1, the standard governing transfer switches. Their AC-33B properties of up to 125 A mean you can use the same product for resistive,inductive and highly inductive motor loads.

Immune to voltage fluctuations

The power supply of the ATyS p M is only active during transfer. As the product is based on stable positions, it is not affected by network voltage fluctuations.

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