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ATyS C35 is an ATS controller with a display screen and communication functionality. It is specifically designed to pilot Socomec remotely operated transfer switches, such as ATyS r, ATyS S and ATyS dM, and can also function with other brands using switch based, contactor based or circuit breaker based remote transfer switches.
ATyS C35 ensures the automatic or remote transfer in open transition from one source to another with programmable thresholds and timers. This controller also displays the information that it collects from the network and switch both on screen as well as on the LED synoptic, enabling users to keep track of the installation status.

Conformity to standards

IEC 601010-2-201, IEC 601010-2-030


Item Type Model Size Select
16000035 DIN Rail & Door C35 96x144x106


Flexible space saving

The ATyS C35 controller can be mounted on either a DIN rail or to the panel door, offering flexibility and optimising space.

Flexible configuration options

- Programmable thresholds and timers.
- 3 programmable inputs.
- Functional with PC, CB or CC.

Display and communications

- Displays voltages, frequencies and phase angle.
- Timer counters, product information & settings displayed on screen.
- RS485 Modbus communications for monitoring and programming.


The ATyS C35 has an integrated DPS, for supplying the motorisation of the switch, and can be door mounted, therefore there’s no need for an external DPS or display, reducing installation time and costs.

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