On October 18th 2022, SOCOMEC and Zhejiang SUPCON Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in SUPCON Science and Technology Park, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Mr. O'Niel DISSANYAKE mainly introduced SOCOMEC group: an international group with the values and culture of a family business, pursuing sustainable growth based on respect for collaborators, society and Environment; Deliver our customer value proposition through innovation, expertise and strong skills. Mr. Luo Liyang, CEO of SOCOMEC Greater China, elaborated on SOCOMEC's core business, core applications and product localization in Greater China, and said that the future will be more electrified, more digital and more sustainable. Mr. Lu Jun, General Manager of SOCOMEC Uninterruptible Power Supply Division, introduced the full value of SOCOMEC after-sales service, including preventive services, measurement and analysis services, consulting and training services and optimization services. Mr. Cui Shan, Chairman and President of SUPCON, focused on the business development strategy of PLANTMATE platform(a 5S one-stop service platform for industrial enterprises) built on the basis of industrial Internet and industrial Internet of Things, as well as the sales service model of offline 5S stores, and the sales and service model of "Fed Reserve", emphasizing the strategic foresight and feasibility of the overall "5S model" of the platform, and PLANTMATE will also promote the construction of a one-stop industrial Internet service platform with the "5S model" as the core in the future.

In the end, both sides reached an agreement on action strategies and cooperation models to jointly establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership. The cooperation framework agreement was signed by Mr. Luo Liyang, and Mr. Xie Yong, Assistant to the President of SUPCON.

With the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement, will further exploit the strategic synergy to achieve mutual benefits and common development. According to the agreement, both parties will continue to consolidate and strengthen the strategic cooperation of products and solutions in China and continuously enhance the synergy in the regional market.

Based on the strategic cooperation agreement, SOCOMEC will invest its senior team strength in the process of cooperation between the two sides, and provide SUPCON with global after-sales service, national business unified management interface, industry systematic project management and other aspects of support in China.

SOCOMEC and SUPCON will give full play to their respective brand, geographical and technical advantages, and strive to form a differentiated regional market competitive asset in the field of low voltage. They will jointly improve their service capability and breadth through SUPCON’s PLANTMATE platform and offline 5S stores with professional services close to customers. At the same time, we will continue to explore diversified forms of cooperation together in other areas to complement each other's features and move forward to the future together!